Organic linen table cloth

There’s only one way to enhance an already perfect Palmy Living table, and that’s with the addition of an understated and elegant Organic linen table cloth. Available in Sage and Natural colours. GOTS Certified.




Our Organic linen range is all about clean simplicity. Soft luxury linen, perfect for a conscious home. Host a relaxed lunch or dinner and finish your table with our organic linen tablecloth – it will no doubt add a touch of understated luxury. Available in Sage and Natural colours. GOTS Certified.

Additional information

Care instructions

Hand wash separately in cold water. Use diluted liquid mild soap (Same as Silk & Wool)


Use liquid soap, non-ionic detergents (Eg. Woolite / Enchantrix or Eco-Soap Agent)

Do not bleach

Wash just like silk fabrics and wool.

Drip dry – Do not wring

Do not scrub


200 x 260 cm

Organic fabric truths

Organic fabrics, such as cottons, are grown without the use or genetically modified seed, toxic pesticides & synthetic fertilisers. The methods and materials used have no/very low impact in the environment.
Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilisers and build biologically diverse agriculture
The aim in the organic value chain is to eliminate chemicals at every stage, including dying so that water is free of harmful chemicals and can be recycled back into the earth.

Conventional Fabrics Truths

Conventional cotton farming consumes approx 25% of global pesticides and fertilisers. Gradually fields used for cotton are rendered barren from the use of these harsh chemicals.

Due to the chemicals that are released back into the environment, they are absorbed by humans, animals and plants.

The textile industry is the number 1 polluter of water worldwide.

Disease rates correlated with chemical exposure are on the rise, including infertility, asthma, depression & anxiety, immune system suppression & genetic alterations.




Natural, Sage